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We are giving you the chance to buy a website......and then resell it to get your money back!

Do you want to join the thousands of people that are making a living on the internet by starting your own Online Home Business?

If you answered "Yes" to the above question then this venture is for you.
I am giving you the chance to buy a web site......Click here for a sample! As you can see you will sell lots of different digital products using your website. This is a fantastic new opportunity for anyone looking to start-up their own online home business.

You may not know this but I don`t actually sell any of the products you can see on this website, I simply sell them for other people and get a percentage of the sales. Every time you click on something I get paid!

Sounds good doesn`t it? - I`m making a living by selling other peoples products and best of all once you set the website up you can sit back and watch the cash roll in. After the initial set-up process which will take around 1 - 2 hours you can sit back and relax, your website runs on auto-pilot selling other peoples products!

What are the benefits of selling other peoples products I hear you ask. Well there are a lot of benefits, take a look below:

  • No customers to deal with
  • No need to make endless trips to the post office to dispatch the goods
  • No financial risk - all you need to do is set-up a website
  • No need to employ staff
  • The product vendors provide all the technical support
Online home business

Let me show you the information that you are dying to see.....HOW MUCH DO I GET PAID PER PRODUCT!
The product payments are very generous, most vendors offer at least 50% commission if you sell their product for them, here is a list of commissions for every product that is for sale on the website. Prices are listed in both US Dollars and GB Pounds.

commission ($)
commission (£)
SEO Elite
DVD Wizard Pro
Cover Software Pro
Sony PSP "X-Studio"
Blog Submitter Pro
Cash Master Pro
The Rich Jerk
Google Profits
My Automatic Money
eBay Sales Machine
Make $2000 in 1 hour
Sure Fire Trading
Quit Smoking
Burn the Fat & Feed the Muscle
Cure Bad Breath
Cure Asthma
Acne Free in 3 Days
Cure Heartburn
Secrets of a Dog Trainer
Save your Marriage
Secret Food Recipes
Sex Tips for Men & Women
Pay Off Your Mortgage
Tropical Fish Secrets
Error Nuker
Registry Fix
The Error Doctor
Micro Anti-Virus
Affiliate Handbook
Make Money on eBay
Create your own e-Book
Make Money from Adwords
Free Tageted Website Traffic
Adwords Equalizer
Power Linking
1 Million Website Visitors
Repossessed Cars
Download Shield
How to Win a Fight
The Speed Machine
Double your Vertical Leap
Football Fitness
Improve Your Golf Technique
Seduction Secrets For Men
Online Investigations
Catch a Cheating Spouse
Clear Your DUI Record
Speak Fluent French
Speak Fluent Spanish

As you can see I have highlighted the 5 products that will generate you the most commission. I`m sure you will agree that the commission rates are very good, imagine how much money you would make selling each of the above items JUST ONCE! You could go on a holiday or treat a loved one. Remember once you buy this website for a one-off payment you can keep 100% of the profit that you make - for life!

"Clickbank" handles all of your payments and commissions. They have been around for 7 years and are the leaders in handling affiliate payments.
You are paid twice every month by personal Cheque, Clickbank is available to people in over 100 countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

All you need to sell the above products is a Clickbank ID, you can get one of these FREE and signup will only take a couple of minutes. I will show you exactly how to change the affiliate links from mine to yours once you have purchased the website. It is a very simple process that doesn`t require any PC knowledge! - I even throw in 2 pieces of find/replace software to help you with the process!
All affiliate links are "Cloaked" using the "Affiliate Diamond" software. Cloaking the links prevents people from stealing your commissions. Also to make your life even easier; when you buy this affiliate website I will throw in the "Affiliate Diamond" software for FREE!

Buy a website

PLUS - If that isn`t enough, it may surprise you that there are even more ways of making money using this website. The main income stream comes from sales of the products (see table above for exact figures), however the website has been designed to maximise advertising space without harming the smooth, crisp design of the website. Keep reading to find out about the other income streams:

1. Google Adsense
Google Adsense has been effectively added to EVERY page of this website. Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money using your website, once you have added it to a site you can sit back and watch the cash roll in!
What makes adsense different from other advertising programmes is that adsense works on a PPC (pay per click) basis, rather than pay per sale. PPC means that every time a visitor to your website clicks on one of the adsense links you get paid! The adverts serve relevant, targeted ad`s to your customers and the amount you get paid varies per advert, some will only get you a few pence but others can get you up to $10.00! Take a look at my adsense earnings below; remember I did NOTHING to earn that money! All I did was spend a couple of minutes adding adsense to each page. Adsense is FREE to join, and I will show you exactly how to insert adsense into your page once you have purchased the website.

Online home business opportunity

2. Affiliate Banners
You can also earn money through the banners you see on the right hand side of every page. These are affiliate banners and the rates change depending on the advertiser that you wish to display. I am currently displaying a "" banner; I get paid 10% of every sale that takes place if someone clicks on my banner. However there are thousands of other companies to choose from that offer different rates. You will find that a number of Gambling & Betting websites offer lump sums up to £80 if someone signs up using your banner.
You can find banners to display from the following companies - again signup is FREE and we will show you exactly how to insert these banners onto your site:

- - Tradedoubler - -

- - Affiliate Future - -

So now you have 3 sources of income from just 1 website. Take a look at the image below if you are still in any doubts. (Click for full size image):

Buy a money making affiliate web site

3. Resell this website
As well as the above money making methods there is one more way to make money through your new website. (this is my favourite!) Once you have purchased the website, you then automaticlly become an affiliate. This means that if you manage to sell the website to someone else you get a HUGE 50% PER SALE, all you need to do is sell this website twice using the affiliate system and you will have got your money back!
The website affiliate system is run through clickbank, full instructions on how to use your affiliate link are included in the instructions that you will receive when you make your purchase.

So now you know exactly how you are going to earn money using this website, wouldn`t it be nice of me to throw in some FREE BONUSES for you! You`re right, it would!

Take a look below at these amazing bonuses I will give away with this package, all of these packages will help you advertise or edit your website.

Free Bonus 1 - Affiliate Diamond ($14.99 Value)

Affiliate Diamond

Affiliate Diamond is a simple yet effective piece of software that cloaks your affiliate links so that nobody can steal your commissions! Affiliate Diamond was used when creating this website and it really is a great piece of software!

Free Bonus 2 - Auto Hits Machine ($29.00 Value)

Increase visitors to your website
NEW* Mind-Blowing Technology Delivers An Endless Flood Of Traffic To Your Website Automatically At The Push Of A Button! Enjoy Unlimited Hits For Life!

Free Bonus 3 - Basic HTML ($19.99 Value)

Learn HTML
Never created a website before? don`t worry this easy to follow e-Book will walk you through the process step-by-step of creating and editing your very 1st website.

Free Bonus 4 - Childs Play FTP ($14.99 Value)

Childs Play FTP
Childs Play FTP makes uploading your website so easy; even a child could do it! This software will help you when it comes to uploading your new affiliate website.

Free Bonus 5 - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) made easy ($29.99 Value)

Increase your websites Search Engine rankings
SEO made easy is a fantastic e-Book that usually sells for $29.99. Reading this e-Book will give you a much better idea of how to get a good page ranking on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN Search.

Free Bonus 6 - TWO fantastic find/replace software titles
($19.99 Value)

Find & Replace Software
To make editing your Offer Zone! website even easier we will provide you with TWO, yes TWO pieces of find/replace software . We also provide full instructions with screen shots showing you how to use both software titles.


I think you will agree that this is one fantastic package I have put together for you, but if you still are not convinced her are some FAQ`s that should answer any remaining questions that you have:

Q. Why is everything is Dollars?
A. Clickbank is a US company so they work in $. However Clickbank sends out payment to users from over 100 countries!

Q. How often do I get paid?
A. Clickbank send out cheques every 2 weeks, you can choose your own payout limit, the minimum payout is currently $20.

Q. Does this website come with instructions?
A. Yes, I provide full instructions. These include showing you how to edit the website, add your own affiliate links, add your own adsense code, and add your own affiliate banners.

Q. What format are the bonus items?
A. Please be aware that some of the bonus items and instructions are in .exe format so wont work on MAC`s!

Q. Can I change the website?
A. Yes you can. You can change the website as much as you like.

Q. Do I need any previous knowledge of web design?
A. No you don`t. If you simply want to use the website template then all you need to do is follow simple instructions. However if you want to edit the website (add new products, different layout etc.) then a basic knowledge of web design would be useful.

Q. How can I add more products to my website?
A. You can find thousands more products to add to your website by clicking here.

Q. Can I resell this website?
A. NO! The only stipulation is that you MUST NOT resell this website. Anyone found reselling this website will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Q. Does this include hosting and a domain name?
A. No, unfortunately it doesn`t. However I have come to a special agreement with a web hosting company. They will host your website for only £1.99 per month. (more details available on request)

So now you have come this far you have 2 choices.

You can either click on the little cross in the top right corner or you can buy this item and join me in making a nice extra income.
Don't make the mistake of clicking on the cross!

Now that you have seen what the package includes you can buy this website and all of the bonus packages by filling out the form below:

YES! I can't wait to start my own online home business by selling other peoples products using this fantastic website.

I want to buy a website today that will allow me to make money whilst I sleep!

I understand that with this money making website, I will be getting:

A fantastic website that has been professionally designed to maximise my earning potential using Google Adsense, Affiliate banners and by selling products through clickbank.
A full detailed set of instructions showing you, step-by-step how to customize the website. I will also receive some bonus software that will allow me to add my own affiliate links to the site with just one click!
An EXCLUSIVE hosting package that has been set-up specifically for Offer Zone! customers. This hosting package costs only £1.99 per month, that`s a huge saving compared to other hosting plans.
An amazing deal on domain names. We will show you how to get your very own domain name for only £1.99 PER YEAR!
FREE software that will help me promote my website and generate a steady flow of traffic to the website.
The chance to earn my money back by selling this site, once I have purchased this website I can use the clickbank affiliate program to sell this website and keep 50% of the sale price!
A no quibbles 30-day money back guarantee if I am not happy with my purchase.

I understand that not only will the Offer Zone! website pay for itself many times over through the 4 different income streams available (Adsense, Affiliate Banners, Selling Clickbank products, selling the website through the affiliate program), but I also enjoy an unprecedented 30-day money back guarantee with this offer. If I'm not 100% satisfied with your Offer Zone! site for any reason, I can get my money back.

I also understand that there are many other ways I could make money from my new Offer Zone! website, including selling advertising space, offering to sell other peoples products for a commission, the only limit is my imagination!

Furthermore, because I'm ordering today, all the bonuses listed above worth over $100 are all mine!

I gotta be completely crazy to pass up such a deal!

On that basis, here is my:




(All Orders Are Processed On A 100% Secure Server)
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Your website along with full set-up instructions and bonus items will be available for INSTANT download as soon as payment is made!

Please Note: Bonus items and instructions are in the following formats: .exe, .pdf, .ZIP


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