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Derren Brown style illusions and hypnosis


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Derren Brown Style Illusions and Hypnosis Secrets Revealed!


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Hypnosis for Beginners

How to Hypnotize People and Other Living Things

Seven Success Secrets of Hypnotism

How to get the Truth out of Anyone

Hypnosis Advanced Hypnotic Techniques

Mind Power Seduction Manual

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Derren Brown Style Illusions + Mind Control

Here are some details from ONE of the books, remember you get 6 in total.
This Really is an impressive E-Book, enabling you to create Derren Brown style Mentalism tricks and effects with little practice.

Imagine asking someone to select a card at random from a normal deck of playing cards. You ask them to concentrate on the design of the card. You look into their eyes. You examine tiny inflections of the muscles in their face. Then piece by piece, you name the card they have. First you state the colour, then the suite and finally you state the exact card they chose! All this is done without ever looking at their chosen card.

Or how about asking someone to flick through a normal book, then to read and concentrate on the first line of a chosen page. Again you look into their eyes and after a short time, scribble something onto a notepad. You ask the person to read the first line out aloud. You turn your notepad over, revealing you've written exactly the same sentence your volunteer was reading.

These two effects alone will convince people you really can read minds!

Some More incredible effects are: Pseudo Hypnosis - Against their will, a spectators fingers stick together by mind control . Find the Lady - they win occasionally, but you WIN EVERY Time! Stop Your Pulse - A spectator watches and feels that your pulse has stopped! Someone makes a drawing and seals it in an envelope. You never see the drawing but are able to reproduce it to the amazement of all!!.
Cutting cards by touch - a Spectator give you a number - you cut the cards and by touch alone you have removed that amount of cards that the spectator dictated .
Wallet, Watch & Coin - a Spectator places his wallet, Watch and coin on a table, you turn your back while he places them in different pockets - using your skills you will be able to announce what item is in what pocket .
Someone hides a coin in their fist - by reading their body language you can tell which hand the coin is in .
Three people select three different playing cards from a deck of cards. Without watching them, you can correctly state who has chosen which card
You let someone cut a pack of cards and remove 1 card - ask them to concentrate on that card, without seeing it and with a moments concentration you can tell them the card they are holding.
You bend a metal spoon as if it was rubber!
Someone chooses a simple shape. You ask the person to reach under their chair, where there is an envelope with a prediction correctly stating which shape they would select

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